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The Bachelor Premieres By the Numbers

By looking back at Bachelor premieres of the past, it’s easy to identify trends that can provide insights into how future seasons may play out.

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The 100 Best Shows of 2020

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Peak TV's abundance of viewing options felt more comforting than overwhelming for once. That's why this year's ranking of the 100 Best Shows on TV Right Now felt more of-the-moment than ever before.

The Rise of Black Superheroes

Superheroes are thriving on TV, and an unprecedented number of them are African American. But it hasn't always been this way; historically, superheroes of color have had a slow and difficult journey to receiving the kind of fame that their white counterparts have enjoyed all along.

Let's Talk About TV's Evolving, Complicated Relationship With Sex

As one of the more democratic mediums — and often the one preferred by younger viewers (at least before YouTube and streaming platforms took over) — television has long been a battleground over the ways in which sex, gender, and related issues are portrayed.

Celebrate the Supernatural Series Finale with Winchester Week

We've followed Sam and Dean Winchester's hellish journey on Supernatural over the course of 15 seasons as they've hunted demons, saved lives, and endured more than their fair share of grief. Look back on the road so far with this tribute to the little occult show that could.

TV Throwback: The Best Shows to Rewatch Right Now

Thanks to streaming, the greatest shows from the past 50 years are now easier to watch than ever before. Revisit the best shows from the 1970s through the present day with this roundup of streaming recommendations, essays, and more.

The 12 Days of Chris-Mas

The Chris Rankings are a fairly recent development in the course of human history, a ridiculously silly but obviously very important cultural pastime that we've decided to honor this holiday season.

The 100 Best Shows of 2019

Those who claim television isn't better than ever perhaps haven't watched television in a little while. Even with major programs like Game of Thrones, Veep, The Big Bang Theory , and Big Little Lies coming to an end, we still had trouble limiting ourselves to just 100 series for TV Guide's annual list of the 100 Best Shows Right Now.

TV Yearbook: Let's Celebrate the TV Season's Best Moments

We've awarded some of the biggest and buzziest moments of the TV season with their own special superlative, celebrating the Best Binge, Biggest Twist, Best BFFs, and so much more. Plus, TV Guide's valedictorian, Shadowhunters alum Kat McNamara, shares a heartfelt sendoff to the show that changed her career.


The One Thing 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Got Right

While Clay doesn't seem to grasp the notion that survivors of sexual assault should be given autonomy over their own experience and when and how to share it, simply allowing viewers to watch Jessica figure out how to do just that is incredibly important.

TV's Most Important Political Debate Is Happening Right Now on Orphan Black

It's no coincidence that the first clones are women on Orphan Black. On the series, the female body is a battleground. The more easily controlled or useful the clones' bodies are, the more they're worth to the government-supported scientists and religious fanatics who continuously lay claim to Sarah and the rest of Clone Club.

Big Brother All-Stars Is Shaping Up to Be a Big Disappointment

Big Brother fans were excited for Season 22, the first all-stars season in 14 years. But one month into the game, the campaign against Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, along with bias against old school-style playing, has soured the season.

How Jessica Jones Got Rape Stories Right

So often the horror of rape is reduced to the physical act. But this doesn't allow room for the multitudes of ways sexual assault harms victims, from the legal loopholes that revictimize survivors to the confusion surrounding terms of consent to the psychological trauma that may never quite disappear. This is what almost every television show gets wrong about rape. And this is what Jessica Jones gets exactly right.

Gilmore Girls Definitely Isn't Team Logan, but We Still Are

Gilmore Girls owes Logan Huntzberger an apology. Team Logan supporters should have been thrilled that Rory's college ex played a major role in the 2016 Netflix revival, but the Logan Huntzberger who appeared in A Year in the Life wasn't the Logan we knew from the original series.


Why Everyone Should Watch Rectify, TV's Most Devastatingly Poignant Drama

The series moves at an unapologetically slow pace, subtly and hypnotically mining the emotional depths of Daniel and his family members' attempts to adapt and connect in the wake of his return. But despite the lyrical pacing, Rectify is never boring nor self-indulgent. Daniel describes his years in prison as "the time in between the seconds," and that's exactly how Rectify feels.

The Haunting of Hill House Review: A Provocative Examination of Isolation and Belonging

Flanagan's expert remixing of the characters and themes of Jackson's novel means that fans of the book will have the unique sensation of wading into territory that feels both completely familiar and utterly new. This contradictory juxtaposition is reflective of the central motif of Hill House's disharmony, in which a person's greatest fear and greatest desire are often one and the same, and where in order to move forward you must run toward the past.

Starz's Sweetbitter Doesn't Stand Up to the Complexity of the Book

Danler's ability to capture Tess' desperate quest for an identity and the sensuality of food — and even beyond that, the emotions and complexities that exist within a single flavor — is extraordinary in the book, a feat made more impressive by the way she writes about these sensations without a drip of pretension. But sadly, in the transition from the page to screen, so much of this enchantment is lost.

The Expanse Season 4 Review: Thank God Amazon Saved This Show

While watching the fourth season The Expanse , it's difficult to not be overwhelmed with gratitude toward Amazon for saving the series. The irony of this fact is that Amazon is precisely the type of large, monopolistic corporation that The Expanse seems pointedly wary of in its imagined future.

The Vampire Diaries' Final Season Might Be Its Best Ever

Although the CW drama arguably peaked in Season 3 thanks to the addicting charisma and complicated family dynamics of the Mikaelson family, The Vampire Diaries' final season is quickly making the case that it's one of the show's best.

Netflix's Dystopian Thriller The Rain Is Your Next Obsession

The Rain speeds through establishing its post-apocalyptic premise at a breakneck pace, creating a sense of chaos that mirrors Simone's state of mind in the early scenes. But while we see the world crumble irreparably in just the first 15 minutes of the premiere, The Rain never feels rushed.

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